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Conifer Conundrum   January 28, 2021   6:30-7:30pm   Speaker: Curtis Young  It is always disheartening to see a prized conifer (pine, spruce, fir, etc.) turning brown, loosing needles, or outright dying.  When one becomes aware of their conifer declining in condition, they want to know why.  This is the conifer conundrum, why is my conifer dying?  There are multiple possibilities as to what might be killing a conifer.  Some of the causes are abiotic and some are biotic.  This program will look at some of the more common reasons for the decline and death of conifers and management suggestions.       Flyer    Registration

Home Landscaping Part 2: Attracting Wildlife   February 4, 2021   6:30-7:30pm   Speaker: Marne Titchenell  Backyards play an increasingly important role in wildlife conservation.  Learn to help reduce the negative effects of habitat loss on birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife species in your area by creating a favorable landscape.    Registration coming soon

Conifers for Today's Gardens   February 18, 2021   6:30-7:30pm   Speaker: Bob Iiames, Jr.   Conifers that change color... Conifers that require no pruning...Conifers for shady areas?  Join us to look at a brief description and cultural requirements for conifers.  Plus, a look at some of the many new varieties and where to find them.    Registration coming soon

Home Landscaping Part 3: Foodscaping   March 4, 2021   6:30-7:30pm   Speaker: Brie Arthur   Foodscaping is a modern term for the practice of integrating edible plants into ornamental landscapes.  This program will inspire attendees to think creatively about planting veggies!  Learn how to pair edibles with the best flowering perennials for your region.   Registration coming soon

The Drunken Botanist   March 11, 2021   6:30-7:30pm   Speaker: Amy Stewart   Who knew that horticulture was such an intoxicating subject?  Amy explores the odd, unusual, and surprisingly common plants that have produced the world's greatest spirits.    Registration coming soon


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