Home Garden Issues

Home garden pest and disease issues?  Greene County Master Gardener's are here to help. Please submit your question/s to mgvhotline@gmail.com and please include any information that you have about the plant/s or gardening situation (such as: name of the plant, is the plant growing in shade/sun, how long have you had the plant, when did the symptoms start, what are the symptoms). If you have pictures, please attach them to the e-mail.


Greeneline Master Gardener Horticultural Hotline


937.372.9971 ext.128

Greeneline is a FREE service provided to the community by trained Master Gardener volunteers of the Ohio State University.  The Master Gardener Volunteers of Greene County are available to help homeowners with consumer-scale horticultural issues such as garden pests or garden diseases.  Volunteers work to research the potential plant problem and offer factsheets and information to improve plant health. However, we do not have a plant pathology lab on site.  If volunteers are unable to identify the problem, clients will be referred onto the PPDC Clinic (above) for further investigation at the client's expense.

The volunteers accept calls, photos, or walk-in samples on:

Monday: 10am-12pm

Thursday: 10am-12pm