We offer great money management programs to the residents of Greene County.

Lifetime Learning Credit - Click here to learn if you qualify.

Supplemental Brochure - Classes of special interest in financial literacy are offered throughout the year. These classes fulfill requirements of those participants in the Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority's IDA program, but are open to anyone. Please contact the office if interested.


Money Management/Spending Smartly is a five session, two hours each day, self-study course program designed to help people get control over their finances. In addition to information and worksheets, each lesson has a set of "Action Steps" to help you apply what you learn to your own management situation. If you have questions about the course or need additional assistance, please contact Melanie Hart at Greene County OSU Extension, 937-372-9971 (ext.112).

Lesson 1: Setting SMART Financial Goals and Money Attitudes

Lesson 2: Cash Flow Management

Lesson 3: Credit and Debit

Lesson 4: Spending Food Money Wisely

Lesson 5: Credit Histories and Repairs


Upcoming Classes held at the OSU Greene County Extension Office in the Kitchen

#2: 3/25/19 6pm-8pm

#4: 3/26/19 6pm-8pm

#5: 3/28/19 6pm-8pm

#3: 4/1/16 6pm-8pm


Upcoming Classes held at the Ohio Means Jobs - Greene County, 581 Ledbetter Road, Xenia, Ohio. These are 10am-12pm

#1: 6/4/19; 11/5/19

#2: 7/16/19; 12/3/19

#3: 8/10/19

#4: 4/16/19; 9/17/19

#5: 5/7/19; 10/8/19

No registration is required but you can call Melanie Hart, FCS Educator at 937-372-9971 (ext.112) for more information.