Many of you are facing uncertain times due to future job losses in our area. Ohio State University Extension wants to help with accurate information on how to deal with these uncertain times and the financial and emotional strain you will experience.

Family and Consumer Sciences Educators in these five adjoining counties (Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Highland, and Montogomery) are working together to provide information through news articles, factsheets, and possible class sessions. You can contact us at any time for more information and resources. In Greene County, please contact Melanie Hart at 937-372-9971 ext. 112 or for more information. This material has not been peer-reviewed for statewide distribution.

Helping You Manage Between Jobs
First in Series - Emotions of Job Loss
Second in Series - Shock of Losing Your Job
Third in Series - Recognizing Grief Related to Job Loss
Fourth in Series - Dealing with Stress Due to Job Loss
Fifth in Series - Common Responses to Job Loss
Sixth in Series - Priorities, Set Goals
Seventh in Series - Stretching Your Food Dollar
PLAN - A Four Letter Word
Stretching Your Money