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Ag Lease 101

Ag Lease 101 helps both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements providing several written lease arrangements examples for several alternatives. Ag Lease 101 was created and is maintained by the North Central Farm Management Extension.

Determining Farmland Rental Rates in Greene County

Rory Lewandowski, Agriculture and Natural Resource educator for Wayne County provides a nice explanation of farmland rental rates. This was revised by Greene County educator Brian Kleinke toward land owners of Greene County.

Examining Land Values, Rents, Crop  Input Costs & Margins in 2016

Barry Ward, Leader, Production Business Management, explains what producers and land owners can expect moving forward into 2016.

Flexible Cash Rental Agreements Explained

Barry Ward, Leader, Production Business Management, explains with this article flexible cash rental agreements providing a few examples.

Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangements

A North Central Farm Management Extension Committee publication that provides information on the provisions and options within fixed and flexible cash rent agreements. It includes examples and sample rental contracts.

Budgets & Custom Rates


Legal Issues

Farm Land Rental Resources

Links to Farm Land Rental Resources

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Legal Aspects of Ohio Farmland Leases
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Tax Issues for Farm Rental Agreements
Leasing Farm Buildings and Livestock Facilities
Establishing a Fair Pasture Rental Rate
Flexible Cash Rents Based on Crop Insurance Parameters


Sample Agreements and Other Information
Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Agreements for Your Farm
Cash Farm Lease (Detailed Sample Agreement)
Farm Agreement (FSA Complaint)
Sample Farm Lease Rent Agreement (FSA Complaint)
Crop Share or Crop Share-Cash Rental Agreements
Crop Share or Crop Share-Cash Lease (Sample)
Farm Machinery Lease Agreement