The Ohio State University Agronomic Crops Network is a website that contains all the current information regarding field crop production.The Agronomic Crop Network is a collaborative effort written by OSU researchers, faculty, extension specialist and extension educators. For ease of use, below you will find the topics contained on the Agronomic Crops Network Website seperated by crop for your convenience.

Corn Production Resources

Corn Production Publications

Corn Disease Management in Ohio: This bulletin describes the disease symptoms, provides color images, gives the environmental factors favoring the disease, the method of transmission and infection, and management options for the major diseases affecting corn in Ohio.


Soybean Production Resources

Soybean Production Publications

Wheat Production Resources

Wheat Production Publications

  • Improving Wheat Profits in Ohio: This bulletin provides an up-to-date description of products and practices that reduce production costs and increase wheat yields and profits. Each topic follows a "bolt & nut approach'' to crop management and is presented and illustrated in an easily understood format.

Forage Production

Forage Production Publications

Currently no university publications on Forage Production available


Additional Field Crop Production Publications
Ohio Agronomy Guide (Publication)
Ohio Agronomy Guide (PDF)
Ohio Weed Control Guide 2016 (Publication)
Ohio Weed Control Guide 2016 (PDF)
Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations (PDF)
Addtional Field Crop Resources
C.O.R.N Newsletter
Ohio Nutrient Education & Management
Farm Enterprise Budgets
Soybean and Small Grain Agronomy Program
Wheat Head Scab Forecasting System


All publications can be purchased at the Greene County Extension office without the charge for shipping.