2022 Greene County Agriculture and Natural Resources - Upcoming Programs



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July 26 - 8:30am

Location: Wartinger Park 

Mindfulness in the Garden Series

Instructor: Siobhan Fagan, MEd, AT, ATC, CSCS
Kettering Health - Athletic Trainer

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without judgement. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness is effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as worry, depression and physical tension, and may be helpful in managing chronic conditions such as cardiac disease and diabetes. We will explore some mindfulness basics such as breathing, eating and moving in nature.

September 7 at 10:00am

 Greene County Extension Office Buckeye room

Backyard Garden to Table: Sunflowers/Kohlrabi/Cauliflower

Speakers: Laura Halladay, Educator Family and Consumer Science, Kim Hupman, Horticulture Program Assistant, OSU Extension Greene County



The Garden to Table series will focus on specific vegetables: how to grow, harvest, and prepare to eat.  Sunflowers are traditionally grown in the garden or as an annual flower. Learn when and how to harvest and use the seeds. What is kohlrabi and what do you do with it? Growing kohlrabi couldn’t be easier. Kohlrabi plants prefer cool climates, which makes them ideal veggies for harvest in fall. Cauliflower is one of several vegetables in the species, the genus Brassica, which is in the Brassicaceae (or Mustard) family. It is an annual plant that reproduces by seed. Typically, only the head is eaten – the edible white flesh sometimes called "curd" (with a similar appearance to cheese curd).

October 1 

10:00am-12:00pm  Greene County Extension Office


Removal at James Ranch - Lunch at Greene County Extension Office Buckeye Room

Managing Backyard Invasives

Speakers: Jared Merriman, Naturalist, Greene County Parks & Trails; Kim Hupman, Horticulture Program Assistant, OSU Extension Greene County

This is a free event, registration is required

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Do you know what plants are growing in your yard? Ever notice a strange vine growing in your backyard, plants appearing along your hillside or other newcomers to your property? In our backyards invasive plant species alter the ecosystem by crowding out our native plants that support pollinators and birds. Learn some of the invasives that may be in your backyard and how to remove them.  The program will include a hands-on invasive removal at James Ranch Park with a  lunch at the Greene County Extension Office after the removal.

October 27 

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Greene County Extension Office Buckeye Room

Porch Pots: Transition from Fall to Winter

Speaker: Babs Sabick; Landscape Plants for Winter Display

Kim Hupman, OSU Extension Greene County

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We spend a lot of time and energy creating beautiful fall displays in our porch pots. Transitioning from fall to winter display takes a little know and ingenuity. 

October 24th, 31st, & November 7th

  6:30p.m. - 9:00p.m.




2022 Beginner & Small Farm College

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This college is designed to help landowners examine potential ways to increase profits on their small acreage properties. The program is open to all new or aspiring farmers, new rural landowners, small farmers, and farm families looking for new ideas.
During this college, participants will be challenged to develop realistic expectations for their new farm business. They will receive information on getting started, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their property, and developing a farm business plan. Information on farm finances, insurance, liability, labor and marketing will be covered during the college.