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2020 Greene County Project Guide and Requirements 

Winning 4-H Plan Paperwork

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Pre-Fair Judging Checklist

Hello 4-Her! You can "make your best, better" during pre-fair judging by following a few simple suggestions:

Between Now & Pre-fair Judging

  1. Review project requirements book (the judges received the requirements and are looking to make sure you completed what is required). 
  2. Plan what you are taking to judging (exhibit / display) – do not wait until the last minute to put it together!
  3. Practice what you will say during the interview with the judge- be ready to share what you have done this year in 4-H.
  4. Complete your project book in a neat and orderly fashion.
  5. Get help by attending the Workshop Wednesday's

The Night Before Judging! What do I need to do to be ready to go?

  1. Review your exhibit / display.
  2. Gather everything you need for judging day and put it by the door so you won't forget anything.
  3. Review the important facts in your project book.
  4. Review the important facts about 4-H for tie breaker questions.
  5. Get plenty of sleep!

It's Pre-fair Judging Day! Now what?

  • Eat a healthy meal.
  • Be on time for judging (look at the judging schedule for your scheduled time).
  •  Be ready to share what you have learned during this project – you’ll have 5-10 minutes to sell yourself.

Pre-fair Judging Schedules 

  • Thursday, June 25, 2020: Sign up using 4-H Online
    Shooting Sports Judging at Greene County Fish and Game Shelter, 2:00 p.m.- MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 4:00 (rifle, muzzleloading, shotgun, pistol, living history, archery, crossbow) 
    Continued FOR 2020: Basic Archery and Safe Use of Guns will be judged this evening

  • Tuesday, July 7, 2020: Sign up using 4-H Online
    Buckeye Room - Greene County projects, Discovering 4-H, Communication, Creative and Leisure Arts (cake decorating, collecting, fine arts, genealogy, photography, scrapbooking, theater arts, writing), Healthy Living, Home Living, Leadership and Citizenship, Money Management, Natural Resources (gardening and plant science, the natural world), STEM (aerospace science, ATV, bicycle, dogs, small animals, pet rabbits, horseless horse, llama, vet science, chemistry, electricity, energy, food science, electric radio-controlled vehicles, knots, physics, robotics, small engines, welding, woodworking), Self-Determined, Workforce Preparation
  • Wednesday, July 8, 2020: Sign up using 4-H Online
    Buckeye Room - food and nutrition judging, Clothing


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