Project Information:


2024 Greene County General Rules

2024 Project Guide and Requirements

2024 Pre-Fair and Fair Information Packet

General Project Judging Checklist

Hello 4-Her!  You can "make your best, better" during pre-fair judging by following a few simple suggestions:

Between Now & General Project Judging

  • Review project requirements and your book (the judges received the requirements and are looking to make sure you completed what is required).
  • Plan what you are taking to judging (exhibit/display) – do not wait until the last minute to put it together!
  • Practice what you will say during the interview with the judge- be ready to share what you have done this year in 4-H
  • Complete your project book in a neat and orderly fashion

The Night Before Judging! What do I need to do to be ready to go?

  • Review your exhibit/display
  • Gather everything you need for judging day and put it by the door so you won't forget anything
  • Review the important facts in your project book
  • Review the important facts about 4-H for tiebreaker questions
  • Get plenty of sleep!

It's General Project Judging Day! Now what?

  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Be on time for judging (plan to arrive 15 minutes early)
  • Be ready to share what you have learned during this project – you’ll have 5-10 minutes to share with the judge what you have learned

Winning 4-H Plan- a plan for 4-H members with special needs to complete 4-H projects, due by June 1 

General Project Judging 

General Project Judging consists of a one-on-one interview with a project judge.  Members will have 10 minutes to share their 4-H project with a judge, answer a few questions about what they learned and their display, and receive feedback regarding his/her project.  Those who participate in General Project judging have an opportunity to receive awards for placing 1st – 5th and be selected to represent Greene County at the Ohio State Fair.

Please use the links below to sign up for judging. 

July 9, 2024: REGISTRATION

  • Dogs,
  • Cats
  • STEM projects
  • Natural Resources
  • Shooting Sports

July 10, 2024: REGISTRATION

  • Health
  • Self-determined
  • Leadership
  • Clothing
  • Food and nutrition
  • Woodworking
  • Photography