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Project JUDGING Guidelines 2020


Project Judging 2020 is going to be different. There is no way around that. The big change is that for this year project judging will be completed virtually. That means youth are being asked to make an interview video and submit an educational display picture. 


  • General Projects must be uploaded by 11:59 p.m. Monday, July 6th


Members must complete:

  1. A 3-5 minute demonstration video answering the suggested questions below.
  2. An educational display/picture following the recommendations below.
  3. Please show some of the completed project book pages in the video.


Interview Videos
  • Member video interviews should be 3-5 Minutes long. Shorter videos will make it hard to judge the quality of the experience.

  • Using a phone, camera or webcam, position the camera so that it is easy to be seen and heard.

    • Best practice is to do the video indoors.
    • Best practice is to use a headset with a microphone.
    • Best practice is to do the video sitting but youth are welcome to stand.
    • Best practice is to write an outline of what is going to be said.
  • During this video it is recommended that youth respond to at least three of the following prompts:
    • The activities I completed include…
    • I learned about…
    • My favorite part of the project was…
    • The hardest part of the project was…
    • I will use the skills I learned…
    • This is my educational display. [Explain it.]
    • I enjoyed (or didn’t) the project because…
  • A best practice is to have a project helper ask the questions.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview just like in-person judging. 

  • Please save the video in .mov or .mp4 format.  The video can only be 100 MB, please use a compression or converter site like or  The are only recommended sites, but is must be less the 100MB (shoot for 95MB).

  • If you are unable to get your files small enough to post via the qualtrics survey below, please email the all of the following to Sarah at by 11:59 to be counted.

    • 4-H Youth Name

    • Project number and name

    • All project files

    • And whether or not the Extension office can use your picture for social media and marketing.

Educational Display
  • Each member must make an educational display that can be submitted virtually.
  • Creativity is encouraged!  We hope that this will be a fun activity and youth may be as creative as they like. 
    • If members have access to video editing software members can create videos that include pictures or short videos related to their project (working with their dog, a tour of their barn, cooking a meal), all put together with music or verbal explanations.  The sky is the limit (well 15 minutes is the limit) but just have fun with it.
    • Members could create a poster or other educational item just like in years past. This can be used in the interview video above but should also be submitted as a file below. For example, take a picture of the display and submit that.
    • Members could create a powerpoint slide or presentation of their project.
    • Members could submit a digital photo album.
  • Please save the display in one of the following formats.
    • A link to the online album or display.
    • .MP4
    • .MOV
    • .JPEG
    • .PPT
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to appear in my video?
A: While it is our preference to see your face, we will accept video submissions that do not include a youth’s face. Some youth may be camera-shy or unable to be on camera due to legal or religious reasons. Screen capturing applications, where users voice over images or text, can be a suitable alternative in these instances.

Q: I have a poor internet connection or I'm unable to submit my video?
A: Email the Extension Office to let us know.

Q: Are there software or video editing requirements? 
A: The only requirement is that you submit your videos through the portal below. We suggest that:

  • If you have one you are familiar with, use that. 
  • Most cell phones, tablets, and laptops come with video editing software preloaded – iMovie, Video Editor, and maybe others.  Check your device.
  • There are many free downloadable video editors – YouCut, BestFreeVideoEditor, and OpenShot, as well as many more advanced software downloads.  You can always do a Google search and see what looks best for you.

Q: Are there examples?
A: Yes, visit:



      • For Participants
        • If you have a disability and have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations, please contact Rebecca Supinger/
      • For Volunteers
        • If you, or a participant you are working with, have a disability and have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations please contact Rebecca Supinger/ 


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