All members will be required to have a 2024 project book brought to skill-a-thon.

In order to prepare for skill-a-thons utilize the resource books related to the animal.

Skill-a-thons are an activity designed to test an exhibitor’s knowledge of his or her project animal in the areas of breed identification, part of the animal identification, quality assurance, ear notching in swine, retail and wholesale meat cuts identification, feed materials identification, mammary systems in dairy animals, equipment used in raising and grooming, leg structures, health preventions, and proper management, safety and animal welfare.

Champion Project - To meet the qualifications of champion project 4-H or FFA members will need to show their animal in front of a judge. The judge will then deem which animal is champion project.

Champion Exhibitor - Champion exhibitor projects will be determined by combining a numerical score assigned for class placing, showmanship placing, skill-a-thon placing, and general livestock (goats, sheep, beef, and swine) placing.

  • Champion Project is based on a total of 400 points.
  • Rabbits, dairy, poultry, horse, llama, and dog will hold separate judging contests.
  • Ties will be broken with tie-breaker questions from the Ohio 4-H Project Interview Questions consisting of 6 questions per tie-breaker round with 2 questions from each age division (junior, intermediate, advanced) will be used