Greene County 4-H

For Club List, please do one of the following:

  • Think about your project interest. Some clubs will work with all projects; some have limits on the type of project they will accept in their club. If you have a specific interest, you will want to look for a club that works with your project interest. If you do not have a project interest at this point, you will want to look for a club that accepts all projects.
  • Schedule. Find a club whose meeting schedule is possible for you. Some clubs have a set meeting night and some clubs vary their meeting night to accommodate various family schedules. You will need to contact the club leader and find out the cub's meeting times.
  • Once you have decided on a club(s) that might be a possibility for you, contact the 4-H leader if you can visit at their next club meeting. It is okay to visit more than one club before deciding which is the best club for you.

More Information about 4-H here in Greene County

Thank you for your interest in joining Greene County. We are so excited for you to join our program.

Here in Greene County, you will be part of a group of around 700 members of 4-H. The 4-H program would not be successful without our almost 175 volunteers either. Youth can choose from almost 45 different clubs. Some clubs specialize in one or more project areas. This way, you can receive education specifically on that project. When you become a 4-H member, you can participate in the Greene County Fair, learn about many different projects, participate in state activities, and go to 4-H camp at Camp Clifton.

Eligibility for 4-H membership begins when a child has reached age 5 and is enrolled in kindergarten as of January 1 of the current year (Cloverbuds); Membership to the 4-H club program begins when a child is enrolled in 3rd grade and is at least age 8 as of January 1 of the current year. Ohio 4-H membership ends December 31 of the year in which an individual attains the age of 19.

Members have their choice of more than 200 projects in a wide variety of subjects including guinea pigs, creative arts, rocketry, photography, cooking, fishing, cats, dogs, arts, aquariums, bicycle safety, gardening, model airplanes, woodworking, health etc.

Across County Lines Membership Information

This is required of all youth joining a Greene County 4-H Club who do not currently live within the county. It needs to be submitted only for the first year of across-county-lines membership. This form can be submitted directly to the Extension office.  Either way, it is due by the enrollment deadline.

4-H Membership Across County Lines Policy and Form