Camp Information: On this page you will find all the information you need for sending your child to Greene County 4-H Camp.

Please note: If you have 4-H bucks to apply toward camp, register with the amount due after subtracting the 4-H buck amount, then bring the bucks to the office to complete your registration.

As always, if you have questions about camp, please call Brenda, Camp Program Manager at 937-372-9971 or email at


Camp Forms Dates Cost Due Information  

Camp Counselor Application 



Counselor Skill-Stations, November 17, 2022
Counselor costs will be determined after all fundraisers have been held. Friday, October 28, 2022. Counselor Information will be sent via email after skill-stations.


Camp Holiday Special Flyer   See flyer for special rates. Due to OSU Extension Office  Treat your favorite camper this holiday season to a fun-filled week.  
Camp Payment Plan   See the form for amounts due each month.

Due to OSU Extension Office by 4:00 PM.

Payments are due  
Campership Application ? N/A Due to OSU Extension Office by ?, 4:00 PM Note: One camper name per application. Not available for the 2023 year.
Overnight Camp Registration
Friday, June 16 - Tuesday, June 20, 2023 $275.00, per camper
Registration deadline is Friday, May 12.

Camp Online Registration


Residential Camper Packing List
Cloverbud Camp Registration
Monday, June 19, 2023.

$50.00, per camper

Registration deadline is Friday, May 12. Camp Online Registration
Cloverbud Camper Packing List

Camper/Counselor Care Packages

Camper/Counselor care packages are the perfect way to say “I am thinking of you” while your child enjoys the fun and excitement of 4-H Camp Clifton. The care packages are delivered halfway through camp.
Note: Cloverbud Care Packages will NOT be offered in 2023.

Care Package Order Form - The 2023 packages will be posted soon!

Important Camp Information:

A discount fee of $10.00 per additional camper is offered to families with youth attending overnight camp who have not already been awarded Campership credits.  Special events will have extra fees. 

The last day to register for camp is (see date above). Any registrations turned in after this date will incur a $20.00 per camper late fee.

There will be no refunds for camper fees after (above posted due date). No exceptions.

Camp Cell Phone Policy

As a means of risk management, youth participants (campers and counselors) may not possess cell phones during 4-H camp. Counselors shall not use cell phones (as alarms, music players, etc.) in their cabins at any time. Camp Program Directors have discretion for permitting camp counselors selective cell phone use during limited time periods, such as during out-posting, nature treks, or off-camp travel (field trips), or for other safety concerns where the use of two-way radios is not practicable. Camp Program Directors will determine the consequences of possessing a cell phone. The State 4-H Office recommends a zero-tolerance approach: If an individual is caught with a prohibited cell phone, they will be sent home at the family's expense.

Guidelines for Searching the Belongings of Participants in Camps

Prohibited items at Ohio 4-H camps
Ohio 4-H places priority on taking necessary and reasonable actions to safeguard the overall safety and well-being of all program participants. Prohibited items that are never allowed at any Ohio 4-H program where minor participants are present include alcohol, tobacco products in any form, illegal drugs, pornography, discriminatory iconography and/or messaging, and weapons not included in an approved 4-H shooting sports program. If an individual is found with a prohibited item, they will be sent home at the family's expense.

Guidelines for Searching the Belongings of Participants
If there is reasonable suspicion that a violation of the program’s prohibited items policies has occurred or other rules have been broken, a search may be conducted. The following steps will be taken:
• Searches will be conducted by at least two trusted individuals, in the presence of the participant whose belongings are being searched, and preferably in a private setting, unless there is imminent danger or circumstances that require immediate action.
• Searches may include a participant’s luggage, bags, backpacks, knapsack, trunk, locker, bedding, dresser drawers, and personal effects including toiletries.
• When timing and circumstances allow, the participant’s parent or guardian will be notified prior to conducting the search. In situations when this is not possible, either due to timing, lack of communications coverage, or lack of response, notification will be made as soon as possible.
• If an illegal item is discovered (e.g., alcohol), it will be confiscated and retained in a secure place, and the appropriate authorities will be contacted for further action.
• If a prohibited item is discovered, it is confiscated and retained in a secure place. Prohibited items may be returned to the parent/guardian when they arrive to pick up their participant.

Frequently Asked Questions


 All camp counselors selected will be a 4-H member in good standing. The camp staff looks at your application, references, and how you did at the skill-station interviews.


4-H Camp offers youth the opportunity to develop leadership skills, citizenship awareness, responsibility, and self-esteem in an away-from-home group living situation. Some might be surprised to learn that 4-H Camp is a place to grow and learn.

4-H Camp offers a wide variety of activities for each camper such as swimming, nature hikes, numerous sports, and much more. We also have great programs and special events in the afternoons and evenings.


4-H Camp Clifton is located on Clifton Road next to John Bryant State Park, six miles north of Xenia, in Greene County.

Campers live in one of 22 cabins with 8-10 campers and trained counselor(s). A kitchen and central dining hall provide nutritious meals. A large open-air lodge and an Olympic-size swimming pool provide recreational activities. Other facilities include the Nature Center, Canteen, Campfire Circle, Vespers Hill, High Ropes Course, and Sports Fields.


Any 4-H member between the ages of 9 and 14, can attend camp. Non-4-H members are also welcome.


Cabins are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis by Extension staff. Cabins will be assigned only to those turning in all fees and forms. To avoid problems or confusion, there will be no switching cabins or saving a cabin space. The Extension Office reserves the right to switch cabin assignments if necessary. We try to group campers by grade level. 


Camp counselors will be assigned to cabins after camp registration is completed. Therefore, requesting specific camp counselors is not possible. All counselors have been screened, attended, 24+ hours of training, and are well-qualified. They are looking forward to making camp a fun and safe experience for all the campers.

Hope you will join us at 4-H camp this year!