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Creek Craftors and Creators
Meeting: April 1, 2024
Submitted by N. Gunett

We met this evening at the Gunsett house. All members except Jo and Amelia Ritchie were present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Zach and the 4-H Pledge was led by Makena. We reviewed and accepted the secretary and treasurer report.  We discussed registration ends this evening, camp dates/fees.  Reminder was given on judging dates and there will be no Zoom this year.  We discussed and voted on sponsoring awards again this year.  Zach, Kinley, and Makena gave presentations.  Nate will do a demonstration at the next meeting. Our next meeting will be on May 6 at 6:30pm. Meeting adjourned and outside for recreation with Graham.



jamestown jr. farmers
Meeting: march 17, 2024

We started the meeting by taking roll call, the pledge of allegiance and 4H pledge. We discussed past meeting business, treasurer report and new business items: - [ ] Reminder for jasper kitchen fundraiser tomorrow. Share the posts, no need for flyer 10% of proceeds donated to our club. - [ ] Everyone who is exhibiting a market animal MUST complete a quality assurance. Upcoming q&a dates are posted below. - [ ] Chasing purple sale for hogs and sheep, special classes for those animals purchased at that sale during fair. Q&A provided prior to sale. - [ ] Tshirt ideas, if interested in designing a tshirt please bring designs to next meeting. Be thinking about what colors you would like for shirts. - [ ] Think about community services ideas and what we would like to do this year. Various things we’ve done in the past pet rescue drive, plant flowers, assisted baseball fields, can food drive. Discussed if we do can food drive possibility of accepting dollar donations to purchase food in addition to donating our food items to JFB for their fill the trailer campaign during fair. - [ ] If you have not secured your animals or located a breeder, etc. please reach out ASAP. Now is the time to have your animals (minus market poultry) - [ ] If anyone is interested in joining Junior Fairboard (JFB) please reach out ASAP - [ ] Swine demonstration scheduled for next meeting Close out the meeting with a doughnut treat donated by Dunkin Doughnuts brought by Whitney Boggs. Next Meeting April 7th, 2024

jamestown jr. farmers
Meeting: february 25, 2024
submitted by braxten d.

Jamestown Junior Farmers Meeting #2 Feb 25, 2024 We started the meeting by going through the bylaws and going over the clubs requirements. The club then voted to elect officers. Congratulations to the following: President- Whitney Boggs Vice President- Breanna Coates Secretary- Madison Thiel Treasurer- Graysen Reed Safety- Cole Britton Health- Claire Kearney News Reporter- Braxten Deyo *Dues were paid today along with book orders being taken. *LAST CALL for Turkey orders! *March 18th Jasper Kitchen and Bar has offered to donate 10% of all sales to the club. Flyers will be posted once ready. We ended the meeting by checking enrollment, what projects were selected, collect dues and book money.

Creek Crafters and Creators
Meeting: february 5, 2024
Submitted by News Reporter: Nate

We met at the Gunsett house. All members were present. The Pledge was led by Makena and 4-H Pledge by Zach. We reviewed and accepted the secretary and treasure report. We then discussed old and new business. We reviewed important dates, fundraisers, and yearly paperwork being turned in. We discussed Cloverbud project for the year, Thank You Contest, and what field trips/educational activities we would like to pursue. Our next meeting will be in March 4th at 6:30pm.

clover valley 4-h club
Meeting: Jan. 28, 2024
submitted by news reporter: Ander

On the 28th of January, the Clover Valley 4-H Club met to elect officer positions and create Valentine's Day Cards for the local Senior Center. The club created many different types of cards for the seniors. Election of officers, President, Kyle Polk; Vice President, Addie Smart; Secretary, Graham Ryckman; Treasurer, Reese Smith; Health Officer, James Robbins; Capt. of Fun, Eliza Robbins; Safety Officer, Robert Urschel; Historian, Rori Smith; Attendance Officers, Savanna Graf and Clara Ryckman; Shelby Buxa, Community Service Officer; Flag Office, Finley Buxa; News Reporter, Ander Buxa. The meeting was adjourned.

Creek Crafters and Creators
Meeting: December 1, 2023
Submitted by News Reporter: Zach

 We met at Gunsett house. We were going to review all paperwork for next year and elect officers, but several members were absent. Everything was pushed to January meeting. Members are to brainstorm community service projects and fundraisers as well as pick their projects ASAP. We then received hot chocolate and cookies, the drove to Caeser Ford Park to enjoy our treats and the Christmas lights. Our next meeting will be in January 8th at 6:30pm.

Creek Crafters and Creators
Meeting: October 27, 2023
Submitted by News Reporter: Zach

We met at Ceasar Ford Park for Pumpkin Glow. All members except Jacoby were in attendance. We talked about the community service project Feed The Creek Thanksgiving boxes and voted to purchase the items for a box. We then enjoyed the walk along the Pumpkin trail. Our next meeting will be in December 1st at 6:30pm.