Program Assistant, Horticulture
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Kim is the Horticulture Program Assistant for the Greene County Extension Office. As the P.A., her main responsibility is coordinating the Master Gardener program.  She also answers consumer horticulture questions and act as an advisor for the Xenia Tree Committee.

Kim is a Xenia native and her family has a long, rich history in Greene County.  Kim's love of horticulture grows from her Grandfather's strong influence in her life.  He was a well-known clock maker and an amateur horticulturalist.  She spent most of her childhood "helping" him with the graden, compost bin and fruit trees. 

Kim pursued her interest in horticulture into college and shortly after it led her to Georgia, where she began her career at a wholesale/retail nursery. Kim spent 30 years at Twin Branch Nursery working in many different roles including everything from sales, irrigation and even nursery manager.  Along the way,  she learned an enormous amount about customer service, plant knowledge and how to persuade her crew into thinking dirty jobs are fun!

Kim returned back to her hometown of Xenia to care for her father.  She was fortunate enough to be hired in an interim postion at the Greene County Extension Office.  She found that one temporary job in the office seemed to lead to another; She eventually was able to end that streak when she became the Horticulture Program Assistant.

Although she is very passionate about horticulture, she enjoys hiking with her Australian Shepard, Lady, studying animal behaviour and photography.  Her greatest treasures are her two grandchildren, Brock and Betzy.  They love to "help" Granny with the garden, exploring plant nurseries and continually ask her to start a compost bin.  Kim stated," I  know my Grandfather would be pleased!

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